Attorney Job Esau Perry Client Testimonials

"Attorney Perry represented me in a multiple count Aggravated Robbery with gun specification case. I was facing upwards of 20 years in prison. The State had eyewitnesses and my DNA present at the scene of the crime. My case went to trial and Attorney Perry was very thorough and aggressive in his attack of the State's evidence. He was able to convince the jury that I was NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS and I went home that day a free man!"  E.B.

"Attorney Perry represented me in a felony matter. I was a college student at the time and if I had the felony on my record I would not be able to continue in school with the career I wanted. Attorney Perry was able to convince the prosecution to reduce my charge to something I could get expunged.


"Attorney Perry represented be in a Burglary case. I was accused of going in someone's home while they weren't present. My DNA was found inside the home on a piece of furniture. I denied the charges from the beginning. Attorney Perry took my case to trial and THE JURY FOUND ME NOT GUILTY OF ALL COUNTS!


 "Attorney Perry represented me in an Aggravated Robbery case that carried mandatory prison time. I told him from the beginning i didn't do it even though my DNA was present on a knife the real robber used to conduct the crime. He took my case to trial for me and the JUDGE found me NOT GUILTY!


"I was charged with Complicity to Commit Murder. I maintained my innocence from the beginning of the case. The prosecutor wanted me to spend the next 20 years of my life in prison. Attorney Perry was able to convince them to REDUCE MY CHARGE and I wound up doing only 3 years behind bars."


"Attorney Perry represented me in a car accident case recently. My car was hit on the side by a City of Akron worker driving a City car. I was severely injured and missed several weeks of work. Attorney Perry took the time to be sure I was FULLY COMPENSATED FOR ALL MY INJURIES AND MISSED WORK."